Blocked somewhere in the bike lane? You can call LADOT at (213) 485-4184 or (818)374-4823 to report what is blocking you. If it’s a film crew, you can call Film LA at (213) 977-8600. Legally, you are allowed to leave the bike lane to pass another bicyclist or a vehicle blocking the lane, to make a left turn, to avoid debris or hazards, or where a right-turning vehicle might cut you off. You must check before leaving the bike lane to make sure it can be done with “reasonable safety.”

Once you’re off your bike, you can fill out this form in as much detail as possible to help the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition gather data on what’s blocking Angelenos while riding in the bike lane.

We know how frustrating and dangerous it is when we’re blocked when riding, so we’re collecting this data as a first step toward reducing the amount of times Angelenos face things like vehicles and garbage cans in bike lanes.

When we have enough data collected, we’ll analyze the information, and present it to city and county leaders to develop solutions about how to keep bike lanes clear for riders.