In August 2015, LACBC became one of the founding members of the Los Angeles Vision Zero Alliance. The Alliance is a citywide coalition of 25 community-based and advocacy organizations working to push the City of Los Angeles to end all traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2025.  

As an active member, LACBC staff have supported in advocating for adequate funding and equitable implementation; transparency and accountability among all Vision Zero City departments; and robust, culturally relevant, and accessible community engagement that builds capacity and garners trust within communities. LACBC has also helped raise awareness for Vision Zero, educate community members, and galvanize community support to implement street safety projects.

In August 2017, on the two-year anniversary of the City launching the Vision Zero initiative, the Alliance developed a policy platform and shared values to set clear expectations for the City to meet its Vision Zero goals in an equitable, community-centered, and transparent manner. The Alliance will use elements within this policy platform to periodically evaluate the City on its Vision Zero efforts.