Don’t miss these chances to weigh in on bicycle and pedestrian improvements around Metro’s Blue and Green Line stops in Inglewood!

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In fall of 2016, LACBC joined the Metro Blue Line First/Last Mile (FLM) pilot project with six other community-based organizations including TRUST South LA, Multicultural Communities for Mobility, American Pacific Islander Forward Movement, Ride On Bike Coop, East Side Riders, and Healthy Active Streets.

The goal of this pilot project is to improve safety and access to each Blue Line station by engaging community members early in the planning process. The concept of FLM acknowledges that while bus and train rides usually make up the core of a person’s trip, folks must still get to or from transit by some other mode. This often means people walk, ride, or roll from their home, job, or school in order to access a transit center. Improving access requires planners to think of the full range of safety and access concerns that may act as barriers to people trying to access transit.

As part of their work in Blue Line FLM project, each organization led walk audits with volunteers and community members around each of the 22 Blue line stations to assess them for safety and ease of access, and to help identify opportunities for improvement.

The Metro Blue Line is the oldest metro line in Los Angeles County, and much of it runs through low income communities of color that have historically been disinvested and excluded from the planning process. As a result, in order to ensure the community was involved in identifying current conditions and needs, each organization led events at 11 of the stations to gather community feedback and ideas. LACBC took the lead on events at Compton Station and Washington Station.

LACBC looks forward to seeing the next phase of this project and what Metro proposes in order to improve access and safety for all communities living along the Metro Blue Line. Click here to download Metro’s report.