The LACBC Fellowship program provides Angelenos the opportunity to ride the California coast while furthering their support of bicycle advocacy and investing in positive environmental change throughout Los Angeles County and California.

Now in its fourth year, the #TeamLACBC Fellowship program provides financial backing, training, and fundraising support to residents of Los Angeles County who might not otherwise be able to attend Climate Ride: California North Coast. This program is in collaboration with Climate Ride, and five fellowships are available.

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition represents 88 cities across one of the most diverse counties in the country, and works to make Los Angeles a place where people feel safe and supported while on a bike. With a focus on equity and providing support to communities that have been historically disenfranchised and marginalized, LACBC recognizes the innate barriers – time, money, access – to long-distance bicycle tours, and developed the Fellowship program, with the support of Climate Ride, to increase access to individuals who could otherwise not participate due to these obstacles.

Meet the 2018 Team LACBC Fellows

We have an amazing group of fellows this year! These riders are all about community, environment, and making LA’s streets safer. Thank you to Climate RideThe Laemmle Charitable Foundation, and Los Angeles Bicycle Attorney for supporting these first-time Climate Riders on a journey of a lifetime!


My name is Lilyana Serrano, I have been an advocate for cycling for many years. I found myself on a party group ride in 2010, and instantly became hooked on bike life. I’ve been working on a small project which I am very proud off an All Womxn Bicycle Club which I founded in 2014. HBC – Hot Babes in Charge/Homegirls Building Community Bicycle Club was created to offer a safe environment for womxn and womxn identified individuals to feel comfortable with their own riding ability.


My name is Jenna I am bike commuter working in the field of air quality, I am passionate about cycling and clean air. I look forward to joining Climate Riders on California’s beautiful Northern Coast and cycling to my heart’s content with like-minded folks.


My name is Dan Hanasono I was born in a blizzard in the midwest, and while I have grown fond of warmer weather, I would like to keep things in check. Fewer emissions, healthier bodies, better relationships with fuel and transporting oneself, and a stronger appreciation of community? Check, check, check, check. I am riding Climate Ride this year to check those marks and more.


I am super excited to be part of Team LACBC for Climate Ride 2018. Currently working for the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator in Downtown LA, the importance of climate change research and advocacy along with cycling combine two of my passions, as California has become a new home for me these past two years. Originally from New York, I learned very early the importance of cycling as a great way to both exercise and commute while enjoying the outdoors.


My name is José Gómez, I am member of Team LACBC. I am one of the many passionate riders for this year’s Climate Ride California 2018. I have been cycling for about four years now, it started as an affordable way to get to campus as a student. I fell in love with that exhilarating sensation of a simple bike ride. Since then, I ride recreationally in the Angeles National Forest as well as to and from work. I genuinely believe cycling can help solve a many of issues facing our world today, like the health of environmental.