Ride Westwood

October 27, 2014

11/11/14 - Councilman Koretz's office responds to our action alert:

From: Jay Greenstein <jay.greenstein@lacity.org>
Subject: The Remove Nothing Plan

Thank you for your message to Councilmember Koretz regarding Westwood Blvd. bike lanes.  I would like to respond on his behalf.  The Councilmember has seen the most recent proposal shared with us by Ryan Snyder.  He appreciates Ryan’s efforts to find a compromise in addressing the Councilmember’s and community concerns regarding bike lanes while also working to create a safer pathway for cyclists.  We have responded to Ryan and have also begun the process of reaching out to City staff to determine how best to move this conversation along.  We will work with Ryan and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition as we determine a path forward.

11/7/14 - UCLA Deans send a letter in favor of Westwood improvements to Huffington Post.  

10/27/14 Update - Ryan Snyder of RSA unveils an alternative plan for Westwood Blvd in response to Councilman Koretz's opposition to LADOT's initial effort to install bike lanes.  Now in its second iteration, this proposal doesn't remove any vehicular lanes, hence "Remove Nothing Plan", but greatly improves the corridor for bicyclists with the addition of bike lanes (or protected bike lanes), green-backed sharrows, and additional signage.  Join us in asking Councilman Koretz to support this alternative - a win/win solution for Westwood.  For complete details click on the proposal below.

Take Action

1.  Sign our Petition - Express your support for bike lanes on Westwood.  Add your voice here.

2.  Email Councilmember Koretz

To: paul.koretz@lacity.org, jay.greenstein@lacity.org,
Bcc: alek@la-bike.org

Dear Councilmember Koretz,

People who bicycle on Westwood Blvd. are looking to you for leadership in implementing bicycle facilities that will improve riding conditions in your district.  In response to your concerns about congestion and safety, we urge your support for this alternative plan proposed by Ryan Snyder Associates and supported by the UCLA Bicycle Coalition and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. 

The Remove Nothing Plan will have no affect on traffic flow but will add bike lanes where they fit, enhanced sharrows, and additional signgage that will undoubtedly improve conditions for the most vulnerable users of the road.  Please work with LADOT to implement this strategy as quickly as possible.



3.  Help spread the word - We're looking for volunteers to help spread the word.  Please contact me at alek@la-bike.org for more information.


Ride Westwood is a LACBC West Bike Ambassador campaign designed to educate and inform the Westwood community and others about a proposed bike lane on Westwood Boulevard.  This proposed project is part of the 2010 Bicycle Master Plan and is meant to connect to a larger network of bicycle paths, lanes, and routes for everyone to use.

The addition of bike lanes on Westwood will accent the people-oriented district this community has become and will ultimately make the area a more vibrant and livable community.  

The benefits of this proposed improvement project go beyond the direct benefit to the bicyclist. 

Safety  |  Safety for everyone is our biggest concern and we hope to improve the quality of life for everyone with bike lanes on Westwood.  There is a strong ridership base that uses Westwood to get to major destinations like Westwood Village and UCLA.  With dedicated bicycle facilities we can ensure a safe place for people to travel.  Drivers will see increased predictability in bicyclists with added signage, bike lanes, and sharrows.

Community  |  Westwood has always been a prime destination for the region.  It is home to many happening businesses, community events, diverse housing options, and UCLA.  These elements of the neighborhood create an ideal environment for bicycling. 50% of all trips in Los Angeles County are under 3 miles, trips that can easily be done by bicycle on Westwood.  Decreasing congestion and improving air quality while promoting active living also come with the installation of bike lanes.

Economy  |  There are studies showing robust economic activity as bicycle amenities are introduced into a neighborhood.  New York is seeing a boost in revenues for businesses alongside new bicycle lanes.  Merchants in San Francisco say new bike lanes have improved business and supported traffic calming.  There are also Business Improvement Districts in Long Beach and San Diego that are pursuing Bicycle-Friendly districts to alleviate parking problems and traffic congestion. 


For more information about our Ride Westwood campaign or if you are interested in volunteering,
feel free to contact Alek Bartrosouf at
alek@la-bike.org or (213) 629-2142