Bike Parking Ordinance Passes LA City Council

January 18, 2013

On Wednesday the Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed the long-awaited Bicycle Parking Ordinance. This new law sets minimum standards and design guidelines for bike parking at all new developments in the City. It allows businesses to satisfy their bike parking requirements by sponsoring on-street bike corrals, which will dramatically increase the supply of bike parking in congested retail districts. We are especially excited about the bike-car parking swap that incentivizes developers to go above and beyond the minimum by allowing a reduction of one car parking space for every 4 bike parking spaces provided.

This important law is bike-friendly, business-friendly, and environmentally-friendly. A win-win-win! Congratulations to the Department of City Planning, LADOT, and advocate extraordinaire Rye Baerg for their hard work getting this new law passed. LA's new standards are among the best in the nation and we hope to see this model ordinance adopted countywide.