Bike Infrastructure & Policy Updates from Around the County

January 26, 2012

Venice: Last fall, the Venice Neighborhood Council supported a road diet on Main Street (or, as Mr. Roadblock would call it, a "road buffet" full of delicious transportation options), and crews are at work to re-configure the street to include a bike lane. Councilmember Bill Rosendahl has an update on both his blog and YouTube channel.

Lincoln Heights: Over on the Eastside in Lincoln Heights and Cypress Park, new bike lanes have been striped on Ave. 18 and 19 as part of a network to connect the northern portion of the LA River Bike path to downtown LA. Read more about it on the LADOT Bike Blog.

Montebello: Last night the Montebello Bicycle Coalition gave a presentation before the city council to make the case for more bike infrastructure. The City Council passed the motion to conduct a feasibility study for bicycle lanes. Go, MBC!

Unincorporated LA County: If you live or work in the unincorporated communities in LA County you may have noticed that many buildings do not provide bike parking. This is because until this past Tuesday, LA County did not require developers to provide bike parking. But Tuesday that all changed with the passage of the LA County Healthy Design Ordinance! Funded by the LA County Department of Public Health, the Healthy Design Ordinance is a sweeping update to the County codes in an effort to create more active and healthy communities. The Healthy Design Ordinance included stipulations for both short- and long-term parking at multifamily residential, institutional, commerical, and industrial developments. It also includes guidance on the type and citing of bicycle parking in addition to requiring the provision of showers and changing facilities. This ordinance is just the start of making the unincorporated communities of LA County more livable--Supervisor Yaroslavsky added an amendment to the motion on Tuesday that will require LA County staff to continue to amend codes, ordinances, plans, and guides to create a healthier, more active, and livable communities.