$3-Billion Road Bond Stalled for 2013

January 18, 2013

Last week, we reported on a proposal to issue $3 billion in bonds to pay for reconstruction of failed streets across the City. 8,700 lane-miles (31%) of streets are rated D or F for pavement condition. As we explain in our policy brief, bringing these failed streets up to a state of good repair saves money in the long run on both street and vehicle (and bicycle) maintenance. However, the initial proposal was to rebuild streets as they are, rather than as they could and should be. Sidewalks were only addressed if there was money left over from repairing the streets, which is neither efficient nor equitable in a city in which well over 20% of all trips are on foot.

LACBC and other organizations and advocates have been following this closely to ensure that any large-scale investment in our streets is multimodal and comprehensive. On Tuesday, the City Council voted not to put the proposed measure on the May 2013 ballot as initially planned and instead conduct extensive outreach with neighborhood councils and other stakeholders around the city.

It will be up to local advocates like you to attend these hearings in your communities to ensure that your voice is heard. We'll keep you informed as hearings are scheduled over the coming weeks and months. If you live in the City of LA, you can always join your local Neighborhood Bike Ambassador group to find out what's going on in your part of the city.