Activate, Educate, Calculate

January 22, 2013

Here at LACBC HQ we are bursting with pride with how much we’ve grown as an organization while contributing to the progress of making a more a bike-friendly Los Angeles.

LACBC needs to build on our foundation, supporting that growth and becoming an even stronger voice for ALL bicyclists in LA County. We have devised a three-part program to successfully build neighborhood level support for bicycle projects. This comprehensive program can be summarized as Activate, Educate, Calculate.  The program folds a number of our work streams under one banner for which we have the following goals:

1. Increase the number of miles of bicycle infrastructure Los Angeles County
2. Increase the number of people riding bicycles in the Los Angeles County
3. Create a broad constituency of County-wide support for bicycle projects
4. Educate people of all ages and in multiple languages on bicycle safety and safe riding techniques
5. Measure the effectiveness of our advocacy and each city’s investments in creating a bicycle network through a bicycle count and intercept surveys


Here is a breakdown of our plan to Activate, Educate and Calculate a More Bike-Friendly LA in order that we may achieve these goals. Follow the links!


ACTIVATE // Neighborhood Bike Ambassador Program


LACBC’s Neighborhood Bike Ambassadors program is designed to build grassroots support for implementation of the City of LA Bicycle Plan.  Five local committees have been formed across the City: the Valley, South LA, the Westside, Central LA, and the Eastside/Northeast LA. With the Neighborhood Bike Ambassador program we will have the ability to develop, train, and empower new advocacy leaders in the City of LA and expand our membership capacity to build long-term support for safe and healthy streets citywide.  The Bike Ambassadors ability to advocate for on-the-ground improvements will be critical for successful bike plan implementation as projects are planned in more and more communities. 


EDUCATE // Revitalized Bicycle Education Program


LACBC has established itself as a national leader of Spanish language bicycle education for low-income individuals who bicycle with its City of Lights program, which has now spun off into its own nonprofit Multicultural Communities for Mobility. We see the need to expand our efforts and provide free bicycle safety education to people of all ages and in a diversity of languages. Our ability to provide free bicycle safety and educational materials to community based organizations, churches, etc, allows us to promote bicycle safety in the short term and build goodwill in communities with planned infrastructure improvements.

This fall we launched a bilingual program, Operation Firefly, a bike light and informational spokecard giveaway and safety outreach campaign, as well as “Lunch and Learn” classes for corporations and organizations. Additionally we are developing a bicycle safety and Earn-a-Bike program geared to youth for launch in 2013.


CALCULATE // Bike Counts & Surveys


In 2009 LACBC organized the first ever citywide bicycle and pedestrian counts in the City of Los Angeles. We followed two years later with a second citywide count in 2011. Our bicycle counts showed a 32% increase in bicycling citywide between 2009 and 2011 and where infrastructure had been installed after 2009, we saw a 101% increase in bicycling. LACBC’s successful 7th Street campaign for new bike lanes increased bicycling by 196% on this key route into Downtown LA!

If you aren’t counted, you don’t count in local decision-making.  Data collected through bike counts provide strong support for future projects and increased funding at both the local and county level and LACBC is the only organization in LA County conducting these counts. Organizing and conducting a bicycle count takes a huge number of volunteers and many hours of coordination and analysis.  Our next city-wide count will be in September 2013.


This comprehensive program to Activate, Educate and Calculate a more bicycle friendly Los Angeles is straightforward, ambitious and achievable!