Founded in 1998, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) works to build a better, more bike-able Los Angeles County. LACBC is the only membership-based nonprofit organization working exclusively for the millions of people who ride bikes in Los Angeles County. Through advocacy, education and outreach, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition brings together the diverse bicycling community in a united mission to make the entire L.A. region a safe and enjoyable place to ride.

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November 19, 2013 News 0 Comments

LACBC is proud to be re-launching Operation Firefly for the 2013-2014 winter season! We will begin the program after the time change in November and will continue until the time change in March.

Operation Firefly (Operacíon Luciérnaga) is an education and bike light distribution program intended to make sure people riding bikes in Los Angeles are riding safely at night.  In California, front white lights with side, back, and pedal reflectors are required by law at night (CVC21201). More importantly, riding without lights and reflectors is dangerous.  Our goal is to seek out people riding without lights for various reasons, especially riders who may not have the means or time to acquire lights on their own.

We need your help. If you'd like to volunteer for Operation Firefly, please contact Marisa Spinella at or 213 629-2142. To make a DONATION and for more information, please visit:

November 1, 2013 News 0 Comments

The LA Bureau of Engineering (BOE) and Caltrans are currently studying rehabilitating the Hyperion-Glendale complex of bridges over the 5 Freeway and LA River connecting Silver Lake to Atwater Village. Despite being designated for bike lanes in the 2010 Bicycle Plan, the proposed project does not include these planned lanes. Why?

What we discovered is plain old car-centric engineering from start to finish. Caltrans and BOE are designing Hyperion Ave. to freeway standards with a design speed of 55 miles per hour. Based on that design speed, they are pursuing a median crash barrier, banked turns, and supersized car lanes. Those decisions leave no room for bike lanes and just a narrow sidewalk on only one side of the street.  Simply designing the street to normal city street standards would leave enough room for everyone.

Your voice is needed to make Hyperion Ave. safe for all. This issue has received tremendous media attention, and we now have Glendale Councilmember Friedman and State Assemblymember Gatto on our side asking for a more complete-streets approach to the Hyperion Bridge rehab. 

Tell Caltrans and BOE that freeway speeds have no place on city streets and that walking and biking are just as important as moving traffic.

Here are some things you can do to get involved:

1. Send an email as outlined in the action alert below by Thursday, November 7th

2. Los Feliz residents and stakeholders: Instead of having you come to the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council's Transportation Committee (scheduled for Tuesday, November 5), we encourage you to come to the Los Feliz NC Board Meeting on Tuesday, November 19:

When: Tuesday, November 19; 7:30 p.m.
Where: 1965 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, 90027
More info.

3. Silver Lake residents and stakeholders: The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Board will have a board meeting on Wednesday, November 6.

When: Wednesday, November 6; 7:00 p.m.
Where: Micheltorena Elementary Auditorium - 1511 Micheltorena St., Los Angeles, CA 90026
See Facebook event.


Subject: No Hyperion Freeway - Build a Safe Viaduct for All

Dear Ms. Podesta, Councilmember LaBonge, Councilmember O'Farrell, and Mayor Garcetti,

As someone who bikes or walks between Silver Lake and Atwater Village, it is absolutely critical that Hyperion Ave. be made safe for people like me. Everyone's needs can be met if the project is designed for appropriate speeds through an urban community. Specifically, I would like the project to include:

  •     Bike lanes on Hyperion Ave.
  •     Wider sidewalks and well-marked crosswalks with wayfinding signs
  •     Narrower traffic lanes to provide more space for bicyclists and pedestrians and discourage speeding
  •     No crash barrier and banked turns that will make people drive even faster
  •     A complete crosswalk on the Atwater end of the viaduct to let people access the sidewalk from both sides of Glendale Blvd. and give bicyclists an alternative through the dangerous merge

There is no reason for this project to not be consistent with the bike plan and Caltrans complete streets policy. The viaduct is currently the greatest barrier to safe bicycle access across the 5 Freeway and the LA River. This project can change that and make all travelers benefit.


your name
your address

October 17, 2013 News 0 Comments

Bikeshare has been popular in several cities around the world including Chicago, where both residents and visitors began using Divvy Bikes this year.This week, bikeshare is back on the agenda for Los Angeles County. LACBC participated in a meeting at the Westside Cities Council of Governments on Tuesday hosted by Assemblymember Richard Bloom and will be supporting a motion at Metro today by Mayor Garcetti and Directors Yaroslavsky, Knabe, Bonin, and O’Connor to coordinate a countywide bikeshare program. Streetsblog covered these developments on Tuesday. For over a year, LACBC chapters Santa Monica Spoke and the West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition have been advocating for bikeshare in their respective communities. As a result of their efforts, Santa Monica stands to lead on the issue with a grant in hand to fund the launch of a system, while entrepreneurs are still seeking to bring privately funded bikeshare to West Hollywood. In the meantime, bikeshare in the City of LA has all but floundered.

In an effort to coordinate local efforts, Metro will now prepare an industry review and business case analysis for bikeshare in L.A. County, potentially resulting in a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to select a single countywide vendor. As local cities make progress and Metro decides whether to step into its natural role as a regional transportation agency, LACBC will continue to support whatever process results in a bikeshare system that serves L.A. County’s needs.

We believe any system should adhere to several principles that we've outlined on the LACBC blog.

October 3, 2013 Event 0 Comments

Friday, October 4, 2013 - 2:00pm

Image: My FigueroaUPDATE (10/07/13): At the advice of the City Attorney, the motion will be postponed to a later, undetermined date so that the appeal and the motion can be on the same track. We'll update you all when the MyFig motion and appeal will be presented.

My Figueroa is the most ambitious street transformation underway in the City of Los Angeles, promising to transform a bleak commercial corridor into a prime linkage between USC and Downtown L.A. While LADOT solves the technical challenge of engineering Los Angeles’s first protected bike lane (a.k.a. cycletrack), the project’s political prospects recently became murkier. Under pressure from stakeholders along the Figueroa Corridor, CD 9 Councilmember Curren Price introduced a motion calling for further study of traffic impacts and asking for mitigation.

The Price motion asking for further study will be heard at the next Transportation Committee meeting. LACBC will be there along with project supporters TRUST South LA, Community Health Councils, LA Walks, and the (newly formed) USC Bicycle Coalition to keep the project on track.

Transportation Committee Meeting

When: TBD

Where: L.A. City Hall, Room 1010 – 200 N. Spring St., Los Angeles

Read more about My Figueroa on the LACBC blog.

September 23, 2013 News 0 Comments

After three count periods and 400 volunteer shifts covered, and the LACBC- and L.A. Walks-led Bike+Ped Count team has been crowned champions of all things great. Last week, we counted at 120 locations across the City of Los Angeles three times, claiming key victories for people on bikes and on foot! With updated count data, we can analyze trends over times and get a better sense of how many people are biking on our streets.

The media took notice (CBS, LAist, Streetsblog, La Opinion were among the news outlets that took notice), and last week Councilmember Mike Bonin introduced a motion to update the method in which LADOT collects bike and pedestrian data.  and L.A. Walks have also been invited to present the results of the 2013 Count at a future City of L.A. Transportation Committee meeting.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for stepping up to the plate for our most ambitious count yet! When we did our first count in 2009, we worried about getting 150 shifts covered at 50 locations. This year, we aimed for 438 shifts for 120 locations.

We want to especially our all stars who counted at least three times or went above and beyond the call of duty:  Vanessa Gray, Wendy De Leon, Ronnie Parker, Jonathan Zimmerman, John Hall, John Jones, Jeremy Kitchen, Freddy Valdez, Edmundo Rea, Dennis Hindman, Chris Cameron, Robert Perkins, Drew Heckathorn, and Kevin Hopps!

The L.A. Bike & Ped Count was brought to you by our sponsors: Pocrass & de Los Reyes, Fehr & Peers, Stantec, and Flying Pigeon. Thank you for recognizing the importance of having accurate data and that what gets counted counts. 

Thank you to our partners: TRUST South L.A., Community Health Councils, Advancement Project, Pacoima Beautiful, Bikerowave, Bike Oven, CM Mike Bonin's Office, and CM Bob Blumenfield's Office. We couldn't have created the strong bike+ped count we did without your outreach and help.

Thank you to our individual donors who have sponsored an intersection: Bruce Chan, Kevin Burton, and John Hall! Ride on!

If you think the season is over, there is still just a little more to do!

  1. Did you count at a location? Thanks! Make sure you turn in your count forms. Not only will you help out our team in tracking what data we have, but if you turned in your forms by Friday, September 20th, then you'll be entered into a drawing for several electric bikes and other cool prizes for each shift you completed.
  2. Do you want to support the L.A. Bike+Ped Count? Donate to the L.A. Bike+Ped Count. Or become an LACBC member or renew your membership. Your financial support helps LACBC do things like make sure you get counted.

And now we sift through sheets of tally marks and numbers to really get our data collection on at LACBC Headquarters!

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