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May 26, 2015 News 0 Comments

Congratulations to all 20 riders of Team LACBC, who completed the 320+ miles of Climate Ride California last Thursday.

Thank you to our Team Captain Greg Laemmle (who has set a fundraising record), Carrie Ungerman, Colin Bogart, Hyeran Lee, Lani Anderson, Mike Andrick, Alan Bair, Alek Bartrosouf, Laurel Bybee, Israel Coutin, Eric Gardner, Greg Heining, Nora Hipolito, Marc Horwitz, Ezra Laemmle, Nathan Lucero, Erik Mar, Parisa Mirzadehgan, Edmundo Rea, and Harvey Slater.

Let's look at the ride by the numbers:

  • 1: Place Team LACBC got this year as the top fundraising team.
  • 3: Number of Team LACBC-ers that made it into the Climate Ride Top 10 for individual fundraising (Greg L, Carrie, and Marc).
  • 3: Years LACBC has been the top fundraising team.
  • 3: Number of former LACBC interns on Climate Ride. That would be Team LACBC's Hyeran and Edmundo, as well as Team Bike East Bay's Erica Tan!
  • 3: Number of Laemmle Theatre Contest winners on the ride (Edmundo, Mike, and Lani).
  • 5: Number of Team LACBC-ers that returned from last year (Greg L, Marc, Alek, Erik, and Parisa). In fact, this was Greg L's and Marc's 3rd time doing Climate Ride.
  • 20: Final number of people on Team LACBC this year. (This made it particularly hard to get a complete team photo.)
  • 320: Approximate miles ridden by each rider.
  • 28,910 (and counting): Dollars raised by Team Captain Greg L, a new Climate Ride record!
  • 110,468 (and counting): Dollars raised by Team LACBC for LACBC and other environmental causes.

And thanks to all the donors, friends, and family that supported our riders along the way. We especially want to give shout outs to those that donated $500+ to Team LACBC members: Galpin, Nancy Unngerman, Laemmle Charitable Foundation, Roof Resources Inc, Green Dinosaur Inc, Horton Engineering, Grantors Foundation, Reynolds & Reynolds, Abramorama, SoCal Cinetech, NATO of CA/NV, Elkins Kalt, Teen Line, Double Exposure, Spotlight Cinema Network, Bob Laemmle, and Christine Mar.

Check out some of the posts from Team LACBC in our Storify collection.

(Doesn't it look fun? Consider joining Team LACBC on Climate Ride California in 2016!)


May 18, 2015 News 0 Comments


Last year, we had an interdepartmental battle amongst the LACBC staff when our Planning & Policy Director Eric Bruins narrowly edged out our former Policy & Campaigns Manager Alek Bartrosouf in Climate Ride fundraising to be named King of the Mountain at LACBC HQ. LACBC staffers and Team LACBC riders chose sides, alliances were formed, and Eric had the last laugh.

This year, we have another staff battle in Colin Vs. Hyeran.

Colin Bogart is LACBC's Program Director who came to LACBC back in 2000 as a volunteer, was once LACBC's Board President, and joined the staff back in 2008. 

Hyeran Lee is LACBC's Policy & Outreach Coordinator who came to LACBC as an intern in 2012 and joined the staff just last year.

By the time they reach the finish line on May 21st, we are going to declare Colin or Hyeran King or Queen of the Mountain at LACBC HQ. In this battle of education vs. planning, veteran vs. newbie, Sunset bike lanes vs. 7th St bike lanes, herbivore vs. omnivore, who will win?

5/18/2015 Update: Hyeran holds a firm lead at $4,110 versus Colin at $3,000.

Show your support by donating to your favorite rider: Colin or Hyeran!

May 11, 2015 News 0 Comments

Download the PDF.

Today we kicked off Bike Week by releasing results from LACBC's Operation Firefly/Operacíon Luciérnaga program’s latest season. Operation Firefly is an education and bicycle light distribution program intended to make sure people are riding safely at night in Los Angeles County. During the 2014-2015 winter season, the program served over 2,000 people at 36 distributions in 13 different cities across the county, installing front and back bike lights on their bikes, educating them about riding safely, and surveying them on riding habits. Neighborhoods targeted for this initiative are often low-income communities of color where light recipients lack lights and proper bicycle infrastructure, despite the fact that many people are riding out of necessity. Some of our key survey findings include:

  • 75% of recipients surveyed use a bike as their main form of transportation.
  • 33% of recipients don’t usually ride with lights at night.
  • 86% of recipients are misinformed regarding the legal requirements for biking at night.
  • 19% of recipients identified as female.
  • 31% of recipients cited Spanish as their primary language.

This Bike Week, we want to highlight the importance of making L.A. County's streets safer and more equitable for all who ride and all who want to ride!

See our full press release.

May 7, 2015 News 0 Comments

As we kick off Bike Month, we're spotlighting some of our awesome members and volunteers. Our communications intern Serena Liu is a great inspiration to those that want to start commuting by bike. She is a talented photographer, and perhaps you've seen her at an LACBC event taking your photo. Originally from Temple City, Serena now lives in Cerritos, where during Bike Month last year she challenged herself to bike to all places within a 3-mile radius of her home.

Read more to learn about how Serena started riding,  where she loves to ride, and the handy map that helped her commute by bike more!

How did you first start riding a bike?
I rode around my neighborhood a lot as a kid.  All the kids on our street would get together and ride our bikes after school.  And then I kind of stopped biking in high school and college.

In 2009, my husband started commuting to work by bike and Metro.  He started going on social rides and really enjoyed biking and wanted me to ride with him.  So he bought me a bike and took me on an LA Critical Mass ride.  By all accounts, the ride went terribly for me!  I was nervous riding next to cars, struggled to keep up with the back of the group, and eventually got separated from the group.  When I finally caught back up, I hit a pothole and got a flat tire.

My husband thought I would never want to ride again but somehow I fell in love with it!  I loved experiencing LA from a bike and was amazed at how far I could get in LA on just two wheels, and I’ve been biking around LA ever since!

How is it getting around Cerritos?
Right now there are only a handful of bike lanes and very little bike parking at stores and restaurants in Cerritos (I’m usually locking up to a tree or pole). So I would definitely love to see more bike lanes and bike parking in Cerritos in the future! But otherwise the streets are wide and flat and generally not too busy so it’s a pretty pleasant ride. And there are tons of places that are a bike-able distance from me!

They say that 50% of all trips are 3 miles or less. I had occasionally ridden my bike to run errands, but in 2014 I made a conscious decision to try and ride my bike instead of drive my car whenever my destination was within a 3-mile radius of my house. I went on Google maps and looked up the distances for places I commonly go and realized so many places were within 3 miles of me - my optometrist, dentist, hair salon, mechanic, post office, bank, the mall, several supermarkets, a farmer’s market, a running track...basically a lot of places! I recently even switched doctors so I could get there by bike as well.

Tell us about your bike(s).
It’s pink and black and I love it!  It’s a single speed so I hate hills, but other than that, it gets me where I need to go.

Where is your favorite place to ride?
I love riding in Downtown LA! I love all the historic buildings and the architecture.  I love riding into downtown and seeing the beautiful LA skyline. I love exploring the city by bike.  And riding a bike is, in my opinion, the best way to get around in DTLA. I don’t have to find or pay for parking.

Describe your bike style.
I try to look stylish and cute when I ride since I’m usually biking to run errands or meet up with people.  I like to wear dresses whenever possible, and I have this crazy fur trapper hat for when it’s cold.  One of these days I want to try biking in heels.

What song that best works as your bike commute theme song?
I have a totally teenybopper pop playlist on my phone that you can often find me listening and singing along to while I ride. There’s some Britney, Taylor Swift, and One Direction on there...

What's your favorite place to eat in L.A.?
There is way too much good food in L.A. for me to name just one place!

What's your favorite bike lane or piece of bike infrastructure?
I’m quite proud that my hometown of Temple City was one of the first cities in Los Angeles County to install a protected bike lane!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start riding?
Find some friends and go ride! There are also lots of social rides that are really fun that explore the city or help you discover new food spots. And riding with other people helps you get more comfortable on your bike and on the road.

April 15, 2015 News 0 Comments

Yesterday afternoon, Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti delivered his second State of City address at Cal State Northridge, just a few blocks away from the City of L.A.’s first parking-protected bike lanes on Reseda Blvd. On the heels of last week’s release of the Los Angeles Sustainable City pLAn, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition was excited to see Mayor Garcetti re-emphasize his commitment to building a more sustainable future for all Angelenos and commend CicLAvia, the Great Streets L.A. Initiative, and LADOT People St, along with his new Clean Streets Initiative, as ways Los Angeles is reclaiming its streets.

“The State of the City highlighted the work Mayor Garcetti is doing to encourage all Angelenos to take back our public space and fully experience the various modes of transportation L.A. has to offer,” says LACBC Executive Director Tamika Butler. “Further, Mayor Garcetti understands the links between equity, transportation, and other major issues facing L.A., including wages, economic sustainability, and affordable housing. At LACBC, we’re excited to work in coalition with our elected officials and partners in all spaces to make L.A. a healthy, safe, equitable, and fun place to ride a bike.”