2013 Los Angeles Bicycle and Pedestrian Count: Who Gets Counted Counts

September 23, 2013

After three count periods and 400 volunteer shifts covered, and the LACBC- and L.A. Walks-led Bike+Ped Count team has been crowned champions of all things great. Last week, we counted at 120 locations across the City of Los Angeles three times, claiming key victories for people on bikes and on foot! With updated count data, we can analyze trends over times and get a better sense of how many people are biking on our streets.

The media took notice (CBS, LAist, Streetsblog, La Opinion were among the news outlets that took notice), and last week Councilmember Mike Bonin introduced a motion to update the method in which LADOT collects bike and pedestrian data. Plus, L.A. Walks and we have also been invited to present the results of the 2013 Count at a future City of L.A. Transportation Committee meeting.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for stepping up to the plate for our most ambitious count yet! When we did our first count in 2009, we worried about getting 150 shifts covered at 50 locations. This year, we aimed for 438 shifts for 120 locations.

We want to especially our all stars who counted at least three times or went above and beyond the call of duty:  Vanessa Gray, Wendy De Leon, Ronnie Parker, Jonathan Zimmerman, John Hall, John Jones, Jeremy Kitchen, Freddy Valdez, Edmundo Rea, Dennis Hindman, Chris Cameron, Robert Perkins, Drew Heckathorn, and Kevin Hopps!

The L.A. Bike & Ped Count was brought to you by our sponsors: Pocrass & de Los Reyes, Fehr & Peers, Stantec, and Flying Pigeon. Thank you for recognizing the importance of having accurate data and that what gets counted counts. 

Thank you to our partners: TRUST South L.A., Community Health Councils, Advancement Project, Pacoima Beautiful, Bikerowave, Bike Oven, CM Mike Bonin's Office, and CM Bob Blumenfield's Office. We couldn't have created the strong bike+ped count we did without your outreach and help.

Thank you to our individual donors who have sponsored an intersection: Bruce Chan, Kevin Burton, and John Hall! Ride on!

If you think the season is over, there is still just a little more to do!

  1. Did you count at a location? Thanks! Make sure you turn in your count forms. Not only will you help out our team in tracking what data we have, but if you turned in your forms by Friday, September 20th, then you'll be entered into a drawing for several electric bikes and other cool prizes for each shift you completed.
  2. Do you want to support the L.A. Bike+Ped Count? Donate to the L.A. Bike+Ped Count. Or become an LACBC member or renew your membership. Your financial support helps LACBC do things like make sure you get counted.

And now we sift through sheets of tally marks and numbers to really get our data collection on at LACBC Headquarters!

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